(+45) 45 42 46 49 Hema@hema.dk

Our vision

Our goal is to be a proactive and idea-driven collaborator, providing value to our customers


Unique quality

We always deliver top-quality products/services to our customers.

Reliable delivery times

We always strive to provide reliable delivery times.

Agile and adaptable

We always ensure that we are flexible and quick in all aspects.


We strive to maintain an innovative machine fleet that fully meets current and future requirements


We aim to be cost-effective, offering our customers attractive trading terms.

Outsourcing Services

We handle outsourcing assignments across a diverse spectrum of industries.

Skilled Workforce

We have a team of skilled and competent professionals ready to fulfill your request.


Strong Relationships

We strive to establish strong relationships with our suppliers.

Long-Term Partnership

We aim to establish a long-term collaboration that ultimately saves time for both parts. 


Email – hema@hema.dk

Telefon – (+45) 45 42 46 49


Sandtoften 1, 2820 Gentofte (DK)

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