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Hema A/S possesses a highly advanced and flexible machinery, ranging from the latest generations of CNC machines to older but highly efficient lathes, turret lathes, milling machines, and cam-controlled automatic machines, all of which enhance our customers’ competitiveness.

This is complemented by the remarkable expertise and experience of our employees, which, when combined with our machinery, form a powerful unit. Below, you can find a portion of our machinery inventory.




Nakamura WT 150 - CNC short turning/milling machine.

CITIZEN long turner

CITIZEN long turner

Innovative production

Hema A/S has stepped into the future with its investment in advanced robotics technology. This move has been taken to keep pace with rapid innovation and enhance our production processes. The result? We are now capable of producing faster than ever before, and this is just the beginning of our journey towards even more efficient production.



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